Harris County Engineering Department
Facilities & Property Maintenance

Energy Management

2011 Energy Conversation Campaign

Facilities & Property Management is pleased to announce two Energy Conservation Campaigns that not only raise awareness on energy conservation, but will also reduce the operational cost of electricity and water for Harris County.

2011-2012 Water Conservation Campaign : "A Drop Saved = A Drop Earned" is a campaign designed to raise awareness on water conservation and encourage everyone to immediately report restroom related leaks.

2011-2012 Water Conservation Campaign Flyer

Harris County "Unplugged" 2011 is a campaign designed to increase energy conservation by encouraging employees to unplug all non-essential electronic devices over the weekend, and when out on vacation or extended absences. Non-essential electronic devices include, but are not limited to, kitchen appliances, DC chargers, display devices, and power strips used at desk and office locations.

"Unplugged" 2011 Flyer